California Sports Betting Sites

Welcome to our page that reviews the best California sports betting sites and tells you about the sports betting laws in the state. California residents may be able to bet on sports by jumping the border into Nevada, but this simply does not carry the convenience of the online sports gambling sites accepting California residents. Those who wish to bet on sports in California may do so quite easily by simply visiting the sportsbooks online, and we have examined the laws related to sports betting in the state of California and on a federal level alike. If you are going to bet on sports, you may as well be aware of what trouble can come from these games.

But it's not just about the trouble that we want you to be aware of. While important, there are certainly some other factors that players should learn as well, such as the sites that accept California residents. Sites where they are allowed can be found here below, as well as reasoning behind California residents being allowed to play there. This page is not just about informing, it's also to lay out options to sports bettors in the state.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports In California?

The penal code in California has not actually made it a crime for you to wager on sports on the Internet. You will not encounter any trouble solely for gambling on sports. Even with the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and the Wire Act alike, it has not become a crime for you, the California resident, to gamble on sports over the Internet.

California is not currently capable of authorizing a sportsbook, however, so you will be left out of the loop in terms of a regulated gambling experience. You will have to wait until the PASPA is overturned or made flexible before California residents can actually openly bet on sports under a regulatory body based out of the state.

Where Can I Bet Online In California?

Bettors in California interested in wagering online have ample opportunities to do so. These sportsbooks where they are accepted will operate offshore, as there are no current state-regulated sports betting sites in California. These offshore sites though are some of the best, and most comprehensive online sportsbooks that can be found.

With that being said, there are plenty of betting sites out there for our readers, and we have looked into each of them in order to bring only the best to the forefront. Fair odds, easy deposits and total security are all parts of these betting sites. Should you decide to play with our sites you will not have to worry about much other than what you want to bet on, how much to risk on it, and which sportsbook funding method you can use to load your account.

Bovada - Wagers Available For All California Based Franchises

We came to Bovada for our betting, as they accept residents of California provided they are above the legal age to gamble. Bovada has given their users some of the most generous of all promotions, with a 100% new player deposit bonus good for as much as $250 which starts the player off with a fairly large bankroll boost. Few other sportsbooks are quite as generous.

Bovada boasts a variety of features, ranging from a mobile betting site to a live in game gambling site. Should you decide to stick with Bovada you will be given a solid set of odds to play with, with some of the highest paying wager lines online.

As for the financial end of things, this sportsbook is equipped with a variety of options that allow users to not only fund their accounts instantly, but also to get payouts from their accounts in an efficient manner.

BetOnline - Takes American Express Deposits: Credit + Gift

BetOnline is another betting site that has been around for several years and they've always welcomed residents of the great state of California. There, users will have all forms of sports betting lines delivered, including bets on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and much more.

Should you decide to stick to BetOnline you will immediately be met with up to $900 every single time you make a deposit thanks to a 15% or 25% (depending on deposit method used) reload bonus. This will boost your bankroll significantly, offering you a solid bit of cash to take to the lines.

BetOnline also offers a mobile betting site, live wagering, and also a supply of betting trends that will show you were players are placing their bets. In the end, BetOnline is one of the most generous gambling sites around.

SportsBetting - A Name You Can Trust For Secure Betting

SportsBetting provides their players with a betting site that is great for casual and professional bettors alike. Should you decide to join up with this online betting site, you will be able to bet on any number of sports ranging from professional, amateur and college sports are available through SportsBetting.

Should you join up with SportsBetting, know that deposits are also incredibly easy. E-checks, VISA + AmEx, as well as money orders, cashier's checks, and wire transfers can all be used to make payments directly into your account.

SportsBetting offers their players one of the most impressive sets betting odds around, making for one of the highest paying online bookmakers around. They are also one of the California accepted online sportsbooks that do not limit the maximum bet players may make.

Best Sports Betting Sites For California Residents
CA Sports Betting Sites Bonuses Top Sports To Wager Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 100% Match To $250 NFL, College Football VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 50% To $2,500 - Every Deposit NFL, MLB, MMA, NHL VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 75% To $1,000 Each NBA, NASCAR, UFC VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $520 Match College Sports, NBA, MLB VISIT

How Do I Get Money Into Online Sportsbooks - How Do I Get Money Out?

One of the questions that you may have about online sports betting in California might be about the methods in which a player can play for money, i.e. fund their account. This is an important issue to be addressed when using sportsbooks or any other California gambling sites.

The short answer is that online sportsbooks where California players are accepted can have different ways for their players to deposit. There is not a uniform way to deposit into a sports betting site. This is obviously good and bad. It's good because there won't be one way to do something. It can backfire a bit for a sportsbook though if they don't have a preferred method of a player. In general though, credit cards, and other electronic transfers are accepted.

And then when it comes to the sportsbook paying the player out, California residents will always have the option to receive a check. How it's delivered can vary, whether through the mail or a courier. But in addition to that, other electronic wire transfers are potential choices at different sportsbooks.

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