California Poker Sites

California's high concentration of poker players is based on the number of different options for play. If you play poker, you will find that there are dozens of card rooms around the state and a number of different online poker rooms for you to enjoy. Playing online poker in California is not currently regulated or legalized, but this has not actually stopped players from participating.

We wanted to make this page as useful for California residents interested in online poker as possible, so we tried to establish important questions and topics to address. On here, you will find information regarding how online poker in California is doing, and whether or not we could see regulation of it in the future.

But even more than that, we want to talk about the current options that those living in the state have right now today. Because the fact of the matter is that there are different poker rooms online where players can go to take part in their favorite poker games.

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker In California?

Nothing has made playing online poker a crime, so you are not going to be penalized for playing poker on the Internet. Should you decide to play, you do not have to worry about some over zealous authority figure beating in your door to imprison you solely for playing these games. We do not recommend that many poker rooms, but those that we do are at the highest level of quality around.

Where Can California Residents Play Online Poker?

This is the most important question to address today in California for poker players, because they have to go outside of the state to play. But having said that, players don't have to leave their living room if they want to play online. Gambling sites open to California residents, like online poker rooms, are available around the world via the Internet, where California residents are accepted and legally allowed to play.

Bovada Poker - Big Tourneys Running Hourly; High Payouts

The only poker room we recommend to our readers is that of Bovada. Bovada's poker room is one of the most generous options we have seen, as they provided us with a number of different options. Bovada gives their players a number of options for play, ranging from stud and draw to Omaha and Texas Hold 'em.

Bovada's best facet is the fact that they come with an enormous bonus, a 100% match to $1,000. You will even be able to get 10% up front, which is unique in the poker community. We have decided to run with Bovada because they provide us with an enormous set of games, bonuses, and even a significant player base.

In the end, their guaranteed tournaments are some of the best out there as there are rarely enough players to make these tournaments pay less than the maximum amount possible.

Best Online Poker Sites For California Residents
Online Poker Sites Deposit Bonuses Average Traffic Visit
Bovada Poker 100% Match Good To $1,000 15,000+ Players VISIT
BetOnline Poker Up To $900 On Each Deposit 10,000+ Players VISIT
SportsBetting Poker Every Deposit: 25% - $900 10,000+ Players VISIT

When Will Online Poker Be Legal In California?

We don't have a crystal ball, so we can't tell you what will happen in the future. But based on recent developments in Nevada and New Jersey in particular, the possibility of legalized and regulated Internet poker in California could happen. This is especially true because of Nevada choosing to pass online poker legislation.

With California bordering Nevada, they could lose potential players in their state to those looking to play in California. Or even better, if California chooses to pass legislation down the road, they could combine with Nevada to get a jump on that western region of the U.S.

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